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It's not likely to be easy to get good quality out of these responsible technologists. It's far too easy to end up in your own echo chambers when you're free to go your own way.

To Jeff Dean's point, Timnit's paper for example, went into the issue of how training a model might cost 5 cars worth of CO2 while ignoring benefits created by such models. That it tried to suggest that training such models belongs to big companies, which ignores how such models usually will end up available to smaller companies and consumers in way or the other.

There's a certain basic maturity of thought that isn't there in her work. It's better suited to creating misunderstandings than it is to create actual benefit.

Letting her go off on her own this early in her career will more likely stunt her development as a person, as well as reduce her net contribution to the community. She needed to accept the negative (and correct) feedback and grow. But instead she made it about racism and didn't accept responsibility for her failings.

After all... Nobody else who worked on that paper ended up fired. Because nobody else behaved in such an immature fashion.

Supporting her now is just well intentioned sabotage.

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